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As a fondness for fronds continues to grow around the country, life drawing classes of another nature are popping up in cafes, plant shops and green spaces, with people turning up to spend a few hours with a pencil and some artistic temperament to properly capture natures beauty. Artists have been using Instagram as a means of sharing their work for a few years now, and a proliferation of greenfingered accounts has seen illustrator s turned on to the potential of plants. If you appreciate art, and enjoy looking at plants, then theres a happy Venn diagram of botanical illustration making its way to your smartphone - and its a lovely place to start looking for work to hang on your wall. Here are the accounts to start with: Bukanova Elisabeth Bukanova Bukanova is the account of Hackney-based artist Elisabeth Bukanova, who is fascinated by the way we interact with plants and reflects that exploration in her work. Personally, I could hang nearly every considered horticultural line drawing she posts to her account on my wall and be quite happy. katiekatiescott Katie Scott If youve been drawn in by the grown-up picture book Botanicum, which was published last year, then youll be familiar with the sumptuous work of Katie Scott. Scott, who is also based in Hackney (is there something in the water?) has lent her practice to books and fabric prints, and regularly collaborates with Kew. Clover_robin Clover Robin Greenwich-based Robins work reminds me of Matisses breathtaking cut outs series. She lends a simplicity and edge to the natural world that makes it both endearing and contemporary. Plus shes worth a follow for when shes got a run of prints for sale.